Meeting H@ppy Feet

There were 2 races held yesterday, the Robinson’s Buddy Run at the Fort and the North Face Run in Batangas… sadly, I wasn’t able to join any of them. However, I was able to meet up with my new running group, the H@ppy Feet Impromptu Runners, when they had their post-run breakfast at the Chowking restaurant at the Fort.

The H@ppy Feet Impromptu Runners is a social group of people who just love to run, and the camaraderie associated with it. The group is currently expanding exponentially, with members found in all corners of the metro, some members are even located overseas! (For more details and how to join, click here).

The group regularly meets for practice runs… and other non-running activities (it is after all a social group). From what I’ve seen so far, when you join this group, you don’t just get to have other people to run and/or train with… you end up running with friends 😀


10 thoughts on “Meeting H@ppy Feet

  1. I’m sure you’ll be happier now that you’ve joined the Happy Feet gang! How I wish there’s also a similar group here in Las Pinas City. Kenneth Montegrande promised me that he’ll e-mail me info on some running clubs here but until now, havent received any news from him.

  2. Joe, as you know, I’m grateful for all of the runners/bloggers in the Philippines.

    Being invited by Patrick C. to join the Happy Feet Impromptu Runners group is awesome! It doesn’t matter to me if there are 80-100 e-mails a day! Just the fact that they can mix running with social activities is great for the community.

    It will be exciting to go on a group run with Happy Feet when I’m there in November!

  3. hello!

    marga… hehehe uhmmm activities like having the occasional lunch and dinner get-togethers 😀

    nora… have you signed up with H@ppy Feet? If you haven’t yet, maybe you should! Mini chapters are already sprouting around Manila and each group sometimes meet for runs. There might be a group near your area…

    bugobugo85… awan lakay. Won’t be able to run any Milo event, too busy with work that day. I’m planning to run the 21k Milo elimination in Baguio though.

    SFrunner… welcome to the group! This just means you’ll have to learn tagalog so you’ll understand everything that’s being talked about in the group 😀

  4. Joe, I hope I’m saying this right …salamat po. lonerunner told me that it would be good to learn tagalog or taglish before coming over. I have a year’s worth of learning Spanish and French from high school. Always good to learn another language.

  5. Would you believe I tried n times to join Happy Feet but I was always stopped by some PC Privacy Cleaner? Anyway, I won’t rest till I get through. Thanks, Joe.

  6. hi!

    marga… hehehe 😀

    SFrunner… hey, that’s great! Walang anuman (you’re welcome)… Well, by reading many of the posts from here, I’m sure you’ll pick up a lot of tagalog words 😀

    Nora… what’s PC cleaner? baka masyadong green-minded kasi mga tao sa happy feet kaya blocked by that hehehe hope you’re able to sign up 😀

  7. Still trying Joe, still trying… (Hay, after the PC Privacy Cleaner, may pumapasok namang Anti-Virus Scanner daw!)

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