Bad Runs?

If you’re still feeling bad about the race last Sunday… well, here’s another crapper… there’s no road race scheduled this Sunday! I guess the race organizers wanted to give us a break and to have a chance to recharge after the race-hectic schedule of the previous months (I would’ve preferred a run scheduled though πŸ˜€

Here’s a nice post (click here) on how to not have a bad run. Here’s an excerpt:

Conditions are always neutral. The outcome, positive or negative, depends on the sad or happy attitudes of the heart.

It’s medyo baduy I know, but I think many of us who have run long enough also feel what he felt during his run. Our runs may not be as long as an ultra (it could even be as short as a 1 mile run), but we also do attain a state of “nirvana” (the so called runner’s high), where we end up talking to ourselves… pondering the meaning of our existence in the universe. It might just be because of hypoglycemia or due to the endorphin rush, but, it is one of the reasons why we continue to run on…


7 thoughts on “Bad Runs?

  1. Hi loonyrunner. Definitely a nice post.

    Sometimes, a time trial on a course that you’ve run frequently on will help not having a road race on a weekend. I’m the same way. I really want to have a race after a bad one. Fortunately, I haven’t had a lot of bad races.

    I’ll tell you what I feel bad about. Read on a blog entry that you may be really busy in August. We understand but that’s a bummer!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. thank you very much for sharing that piece. yup, sometimes we get caught up in the competition that we forget the essentials.

  3. No race this sunday but just in case your interested to join me for a long run at the fort, just let me know. Ill be at bonifacio highstreet near honda around 530am and maybe will start our long run around 6am.

  4. hmmmm…i don’t know. most of my inner conversations when i run would center over what I want to have for breakfast/the meal after!:-) i guess i really am takaw takbo. matakaw na tumatakbo! thanks for sharing the post. it was a good read.

  5. hello!

    SFrunner… yup, it sucks but then I’ll just try to train as much as I can on August. Hopefully I’ll come back by September stronger and faster! πŸ˜€

    levy… i agree…

    taki… hey thanks for the invite! But I’ll probably run long along MOA tomorrow. Maybe next time…

    mesh… hehehe I sometimes have those thoughts too! Makes me run faster at times kasi gusto ko na kumain! hehehe

  6. Now let me check on my heartbeat again and offer my runs. πŸ™‚ I haven’t been, perhaps one reason why I haven’t been getting much good routes.

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