Manila Half Marathon Results

I was able to get a copy of the official results from the Happy Feet Impromptu Runners yahoogroup through magdalene gay maddela, one of the race organizers. Here’s a summary of the results:

Manila Half Marathon Challenge 21 km results

Manila Half Marathon Challenge 5km results

Manila Half Marathon Challenge 10km

My official time is 1:47:13.82, placing me 79th out of 181 finishers.


12 thoughts on “Manila Half Marathon Results

  1. Rank # 35 in the 10k my name is Mis-spelled Alcanfred instead of Allanfred. and lots of mispelled I’ve notice worst!

  2. Congrats loonyrunner, ang galing ng time mo sa half!! Congrats din sa Lasalle run, may bitbit pang bag para partida, hahaha

  3. Thank you, loony runner for writing in my blog that I was the 32nd among the 67 female runners and outrunning 83 male runners. Wow! I can’t believe I did that. Thank you for reeeealy making my day. Hope to see you Aug. 3 at the Milo Marathon.

  4. Hi, loony runner! I tried a thousand times but couldn’t download the Manila Run Results. Thank you, thank very much for writing in my blogsite that I ranked 32nd among the 67 female runners, surpassing 86 male runners. You reeealy made my day, loonyrunner. See you soon!

  5. hi!

    jinoe… with training, I’m sure you’ll zoom up the rankings! 😀

    alfred… wow! that’s a pretty high rank. I’ve never been ranked that high in a 10k run. Congratulations!

    levyang… hehehe 😀 thanks!

    nora… congratulations on a great run! I have a feeling you’ll be winning races in your age group pretty soon… keep it up!

    your welcome… and see you at the races!

  6. I’m deeply touched that you sent the Manila Run Results in my mailbox. Thank you, thank you so much! And I wish your feeling is right… that I can win in my age group. Good luck to the Robinsons Run this July 27. You’re running with your girl friend I guess?

  7. hi nora! you’re welcome 😀 Hmmm… I’m still trying to convince her… She’s never run that far pa kasi.

  8. hey marga… thanks! naku, malayo pa ako sa kanila, pero sana nga masabayan ko sila… balang araw 🙂

  9. hey philip… congratulations on the new blog! I’ll be watching out for your posts 😀 Check out The Bull Runner’s List of Races page… it’s a comprehensive listing of all the scheduled races all year round. See you at the races!

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