Pic From the Manila Half

This pic is courtesy of DATC… thanks!

(BaldRunner, DATC, me)

DATC and I are wearing the same singlet style, the colors are just reversed 😀 To those running in the La Salle race tomorrow at the Fort… good luck and see you there!


4 thoughts on “Pic From the Manila Half

  1. Oo nga ano, I didn’t notice that! I prefer the color you’re wearing since I’m not a big fan of the see-through wet look, on me, in particular.

    Here’s a tip: I found that singlet on sale at 30% off at an adidas outlet store at the cash & carry mall. I saw the same item at regular price at the adidas store at MOA a few days later. 😉

  2. Hey loony, great shot of you, DATC and baldrunner.

    Good luck to you and the runners tomorrow. Give everyone my well wishes.

  3. I should have been in these pictures (sigh…another sigh)! Next time, I know where to go. Good luck in your La Salle Run tomorrow. Hope to see you in the Milo Marathon this Aug. 3.
    Nora, the golden girl

  4. hello!

    DATC… i got my singlet on sale too! I just noticed that we had the same singlet design when you sent me the pic. Thanks!

    SFrunner… thanks!

    nora… I hope I’ll be at the Milo Marathon… see you there! Thanks 😀

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