Photo-ops at Race End

The BaldRunner’s Donate-A-Shoe booth is fast becoming the designated area where runners usually meet up at the end of races. This is where runners get to meet, chat and of course have photos taken! πŸ˜€ Here are some pics taken during the past two races (Mizuno 2 and the Manila Half — pics c/o BR’s blog):

Rush to Mizuno Infinity

(BR, highaltitude, me, prometheus, DATC)

(BR, bards, me, mesh)

Manila Half Marathon Challenge

(charlie, markfb, ibanrunner, delq, BR, me)

So in future races, if you want to meet runners, have your pic taken, or if you’d like to donate old shoes, finisher’s shirts and/or brand-new socks, just proceed to BRs booth after your run! πŸ˜€ [Although BR would be out of the countryΒ for the next few weeks, the BR booth will still be set-up in the upcoming races]

Next race: La Salle 10 mile run on Sunday –> see you there!


8 thoughts on “Photo-ops at Race End

  1. Hey Joe. Happy to hear that the booth will still be up while BR’s here. Rest assured that BR and I will have several photo-ops while in SF. I’ll find a way to have a photo-op with BR and Dean Karnazes (ultramarathoner). Dean’s registered for the marathon and will have a talk at the expo on Saturday, August 2.

    If I haven’t mentioned this already, good luck to you and all the runners at LaSalle this coming Sunday. Sounds like a great event!

  2. Buti pa kayo mag 10 miler sa sunday! I actually gave money for registration already. Eh biglang may time trials kami sa boat ng 6am. Oh well, sa susunod na lang ulit.


    What’s your target time? 1:12?

  3. Hi loonyrunner,

    Nice pics and great tip on where to meet/chat with veteran runners after the race. I’ll be sure to drop by at the booth at the next race (La Salle)


  4. hi loonyrunner,
    ask permission to grab this picture =)
    yeah, you are right, BR Donate-A-Shoe booth has become a place where runners have an offline meeting.

    let’s joing TNF 20k…

  5. hi there!

    SFrunner… I’m sure BR will be so happy if he gets a pic taken with dean. We will be eagerly awaiting your pics over there! πŸ˜€

    mark… naku, that’s too fast a time for me. I haven’t been really racing the past few runs. Relatively leisure runs lang, will probably start racing again after Aug. Building up on my base mileage lang muna ngayon πŸ˜€ good luck sa time trials!

    gene… see you at the Fort. Thanks for the visit and the comment πŸ˜€

    highaltitude… no problem with the pic. I got it from BRs site πŸ˜€ Still thinking about TNF…

  6. hi guys!

    margaloo… this isn’t your 1st 10miler? It’s mine, so any time I finish is a PR! hehehe ummm, why not run it slow sa start then if the opportunity presents itself, go for the PR!!! see you on sunday πŸ˜€

    datc035… I’ve downloaded the pic, thanks! I’ll post it soon πŸ˜€ I just noticed, we have the same singlet style. The colors are just reversed πŸ˜€

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