Tan Lines

The problem with having running paraphernalia attached to your body when you run is that you end up having weird tan line patterns after. During yesterday’s Manila Half, I had my garmin on, and my phone pocket strapped on my right arm… So after running for almost 2 hours, here’s how those parts of my body looked like…

(that’s my right arm)

(mark of a proud garmin user)

And since I’ve been running for quite sometime now, my sun exposed skin has now maintained this dark tan. The only remaining lighter colored parts of my body are my shorts-covered thighs, and the singlet-covered portions of my upper body. I have singlet tan lines! 😀


11 thoughts on “Tan Lines

  1. Joe, I find mine in three areas. Definitely where the watch is one the left arm, where the short socks end and the straps on the singlet that I’m using.

  2. hello!

    SFrunner… saw your pic in your blog. Looks so retro 😀

    Marga… balita ko nga, kulay sugpo ka raw a. Kaya mag sun block!!! hehehe

  3. i put on sunblock but of course, hindi ko naman maabot ang likod ko. eh i wore a racerback. at wala akong pwedeng utusan na maglagay ng sunblock sa likod ko ano. mwahahaha

  4. Joe, does the phone strap on your right arm cause any problems with swinging your arm? If it’s light enough, I don’t think it would be a problem.

    However, before I bought the Garmin, I had a Timex GPS that had an arm strap that was causing me problems. It was the bulk of the strap. That’s why the swirch.

    Retro! That is very intresting.

  5. marga… hehehe

    sfrunner… its ok. I’ve gotten used to it already, so it’s no longer a problem for me. But for runs where I really plan to race, i prefer running without it 😀

  6. Wow, those looked like cool leopard spots.. hehe. Some of my marks actually dissapeared after 5 days of bedrest and zero running this week.

  7. hey taki… those spots are actually just pressure marks rather than true tan marks. Though my skin’s color is beginning to blend, I still notice the color breaks hehehe hope your injury gets well soon!

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