Mizuno adjusted!

I just did some computations…

If the 1st Mizuno was 15 km, at my pace of 5:26 min/km, I would have finished in 1:21:30.

If this Mizuno Run was 15 km, my pace of 5:11 min/km would have given me a finishing time of 1:17:45. That would have been a 3 min, 15 second improvement!

Just toying around with the numbers 😀


4 thoughts on “Mizuno adjusted!

  1. hi bro,

    i was the one who called out to you while we were at the mckinley area(you-going back and me-going pa lang).as always,i finish late thus not able to join you bloggers-runners at br’s booth.guess i have to run a little bit faster and not smell the roses along the route too much.see you soon lakay.will do manila half and la salle .btw,the la salle route is posted at lasallecares.org/orofol.check it out.

  2. hi chefsy! Yup, link me up… I’ve already linked up with you (hope you don’t mind) 😀 Yeah, I’ll be at the La Salle run if my schedule permits… thanks! see you there 😀

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