Manila Half Marathon: POSTPONED!

The Manila Half Marathon Challenge is postponed! I just got back from the Quirino Grandstand and I was informed by the race officials that due to the weather disturbance, Mayor Lim had called off the run and postponed it to a later date (TBA).

When I woke up this morning, I was hopeful that the race would push through. It wasn’t raining anymore and the streets were actually beginning to dry up. However, there were still episodic gusty winds, some of which were quite forceful. I think this is just the tail end of the typhoon that just hit us, but I guess it was enough cause for the officials to cancel the race.

After posting this, I’m going back to bed 😀

– should have been posted at 5am –

Ok, I wasn’t able to post this entry awhile back because the lights went out… anyways, I’ve just woken up, and when I looked outside my window… it was raining, accompanied by very strong winds! Good call Mayor Lim! 😀

I checked the PAGASA public weather site and from the image, this isn’t just typhoon Frank’s tail end, he’s hit the country head on! The eye of the storm is just 90 km southeast from Manila, its winds are at 120 kph, and its moving at 15 kph northwest. Its signal number 3 here in Manila, and from the forecast, it will be raining for 3 more days!

I guess this means I’ll be stuck running on the treadmill 😦

Since it’s a cold rainy day, I’m slipping under my sheets again and just doze off……


6 thoughts on “Manila Half Marathon: POSTPONED!

  1. Hi loonyrunner. Sorry to hear about the race being postponed. I’ve been in one typhoon on my first visit to Asia back in 2001 (Taiwan). It was nasty to say the least.

    Take care and have a good week ahead.

  2. hey wayne… the typhoon has left the building! The rains and winds have already stopped… though the skies are still very gloomy.

    Congratulations on your run!

    have a good week too!

  3. Good luck the next two Sundays (heard that the half marathon is rescheduled for July 6). I know you’ll pull it off with the good training that you’ve had.

    It’s a bit cold here. While running Monday morning here, the temp was 9C, a far cry from 22C two days ago. The slight sore throat from yesterday is better. The running and hot tea helps.

  4. thanks wayne! That is cold weather! We average around 30C here in Manila! 😀 Hope you get better… don’t overdo the running 😀

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