Weight Loss Progress Report

I was at Mercury Drugstore the other day when I noticed that they had a weighing scale which could also measure your blood pressure, heart rate and body fat percentage. I slid in 5 pesos, stepped on the scale and followed the instructions. After about a minute, I got a printout of the results:

  • weight –> 57 kg (125.4 lbs)
  • height –> 166 cm
  • BMI –> 20.7 kg/m2 (normal: 18.5 – 24.9)
  • BP –> 114/70
  • heart rate –> 62 bpm
  • Body Fat percentage –> 13.2% (normal: 14-20%)
  • Fat Mass –> 7.4 kg

The goal for now is to at least maintain it at these levels. Better yet, I would prefer that I gain a little weight without an increase in my body fat percentage. This would mean I would’ve gained weight because of a gain of muscle mass, not fat 😀


13 thoughts on “Weight Loss Progress Report

  1. Do you think the mercury drug device is accurate? I’ve seen it before but didnt dare try it.

    Whats the best way to get the data you posted? Body fat % used to be via caliper. I remember getting on a fat% scale in slimmers before. Not sure if any were really accurate.

    My height is 177.16 cm with a BMI of 24.6 I keep a log of my weight via Sport Tracks, the app I use mostly for my garmin data. Last march I weighed in at 182lbs with a BMI of 26.3 making me overweight. 268 kilometers later (Mar 18 to April 28) weight is down to 173lbs. 148 kilometers for May gave me 167.8 to 169.4lbs. Lately Im just averaging 20 to 30 km a week due to dragonboat practice. Im slowing gaining it again (I think) and Im at 170lbs this morning. I read that the time to check your weight is when you wake up. Do you agree?

    It seems its just hard during the first 2 months of running to lose weight. But once you get the furnace burning, you need less kilometers to achieve weight loss. What’s your take on this? I just based this on what happened to me. Ultimately the goal is to weigh in at 155lbs to get a BMI of 22.4.

  2. Hi loonyrunner. Very healthy numbers. I’m curious to know what BMI is. Thanks for the input.

  3. hi guys!

    So many questions 😀 I have some thoughts as answers but I’ll do some research so I can back it up with evidences. I’ll post my answers soon!

    Thanks for the comments! 😀

  4. Body mass index. BMI=kg/m2 (weight in kilograms divided by height in metres squared). An index of 25 is overweight and a few more beyond that is obese.

  5. hey taki… I’m in my maintenance phase na. My plan is to increase my weight a little bit with no increase in my body fat percentage 😀 thanks!

  6. wow for only 5 pesos we can get soo much info. hmmm I will try that! thanks for the info.

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