Rush to Mizuno Infinity

I was able to register for the Mizuno 2 run at the Camp Aguinaldo Grandstand after the 8th DND-AFP half

marathon last Sunday. The organizers had a booth making registration easier for me since I no longer have to go to BHS just to register. It was a good thing I came prepared as I brought my old bib, and a receipt from Ministop as proof that I purchased a rush fitness drink (one of the sponsors) in that store. From RunRio’s blog, I had found out that registrants with a receipt get a P50 discount from the registration fee. Because of this, I ended up just paying P100!

I received my bib number (#18 ) and a cool blue singlet… not bad for a hundred pesos πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “Rush to Mizuno Infinity

  1. Loonyrunner, are you running the 10K or the 15K in two weeks?

    It’s nice that the organizers there have a booth at the runs. A couple of times here, that has happened and was able to do it at the spot. Nice looking singlet! Mizuno Wave Rider is my backup shoe.

    The fun runs (if you’re a member of a club here) run about 150 pesos here. San Francisco Marathon? Different story, somewhere now in the neighborhood of 4500!

    It’s great that the running boom is active there!

  2. Hi Wayne! I’ll be running the 15k, hoping to improve my time from the last time πŸ™‚ Yup, its why I don’t really complain much even if runs are not that greatly organized here, because the price of runs here is so much cheaper than it is in the US. From what I’ve read, a 10k race there can cost around $40!

  3. Very true about the cost of races here in the U.S. It’s good to know a network of runners. Asking them if a run is well organized, water, course markings, etc. is important.
    The cost of a permit to put on an event, especially on the Golden Gate Bridge or in Golden Gate Park is very high.

    I’ve come across some runs (5-10K) that cost $30-$40 and they were very poorly organized. I now stay away from them, but am active volunteering (course monitor, water station, course marking) at an event to make it better.

    This coming Saturday, I’m running the 10K. The first run that they had in 2006 was advertised as six miles and ended up as five. The answer I got from them was that they couldn’t use the park. The mayor of SF was in attendance at the time and vowed that it would not happen again. He knew that I was involved in running for years and asked for my advice. Last year, I helped measure the current course as 10K. It’s now USA Track And Field certified.

    Where I used to race 25-30 times a year, now it’s about 15-20.

    A 15K is a good barometer after a half. I know you’ll be ready.

    Between you and me, I’m saving and working on vacation time late this year (or March-April 2009). Have taken one vacation week already and have one more for this year. I’m planning to come over there and visit!

  4. wayne… Its a good thing runs are now becoming better organized here especially because of Coach Rio’s efforts to put up high-quality runs. I think he’s now the best run organizer in the country!

    hey hope you do get to visit and maybe squeeze in some runs here in the Philippines! thanks for the comment πŸ˜€

  5. Hi Joe. Coach Rio reminds me a lot of a race organizer here in the San Francisco area by the name of Dave Rhody.

    Rhody puts on six races a year. Five of the six races I run and the sixth one I help volunteer. His races do cost in the $25-40 range but they are well organized. I don’t mind paying the extra fee.

    Rhody and the New Balance store where I work have a very good working relationship. We sponsor most of the races for Rhody. Once or twice a year, I get a comped race entry (free).

    Coach Rio, and I haven’t met him yet, appears to be doing very well there with the run organizing I’ve seen the race results that he puts out and it’s very easy to understand. There are some race directors here in the U.S. that could learn a lot of what Coach Rio does.

    Hopefully when I come to visit the Philippines, I get a chance to meet him, you, runmd and more, and possibly run in an event that he’s directing. You won’t hear a complaint from me!

  6. Hi Looneyrunner and sfrunner!

    Thank you so much for the compliments. It motivates me to make my events more organize. Sometimes runners dont’t understand or no appreciation at all. To tell you the truth, its really hard to organize an event. You have to dedicate your self. Haha thats why I’m still single. Successful or not, you have to take the full responsibilities.

    If you have any suggestion, good or bad i really appreciate it. It will be a big help to communicate with my fellow runners.

    Thanks to you Looneyruuuner and sfrunner.

    P.S. sfrunner:
    Let us know when you planning to visit us here in the Phil. We will be your host. Right Looneyrunner? hahaha

    Coach Rio

  7. Your welcome Coach Rio! Pang international na events mo! πŸ˜€

    sfrunner… Yeah, inform us when you’re coming over! 8)

  8. hey coach Rio, see you! I hope I get to win some of those raffle prizes hehehe πŸ˜€

  9. Hi Looneyrunner,

    See you at the Mizuno Race. I’ll be running my first 15k. Coach Rio, pang international na events ka na nga!!

  10. JunC… how was it running with a brand new GF? Good luck on the 15 km! See you there πŸ˜€

  11. Very good!! I get to monitor my pace and time now if im slow or too slow.. I just have to get use to that feeling of having a extra load on my left hand. Maybe will balance it, garmin on the left and propel on the right. he he he.

    See you at the Fort.

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