Meeting Goals: 8th DND-AFP half marathon

Yesterday, I posted what my goals were for today’s DND half-marathon. Was I able to meet them all… well, I got to achieve 2 out 3…

I arrived early at the Camp Aguinaldo Grandstand hence I was able to get my kit without much hassle. I almost got lost on my way there though. I got down in front of the Edsa gate of the camp, and I was surprised too see it was closed. There was no sentry around, or a sign giving directions where the entrance was. Since I wasn’t familiar with the area, I was beginning to get a bit worried I might not find the proper entrance. Lucky for me, I saw some people walking along Edsa who were wearing shorts, and were carrying bags. I assumed they were runners so I decided to follow them, and true enough, they were walking to the entrance of the camp. That walk served as a part of my warm-up for the race.

The other goal I got to achieve was that I got to meet a lot of runners before, during, and after the race. I got to meet:

  • Jan, Joms –> members of Happy Feet who I 1st met last June 9
  • Doc Oknoy –> another Happy Feet member who graciously offered his car where to place our bags, thanks! (the baggage counter opened late…)
  • BaldRunner –> who I met while warming up. I got to have a nice chat with him also after the race…
  • JunC –> nice to have finally met you! Congratulations on your new garmin 205 🙂
  • RunMD –> congratulations in finishing your 1st half marathon! Galing mo!
  • George –> who I met while running towards the entrance of Camp Aguinaldo… before he zoomed past me 🙂 Oh by the way, he got to help some fellow who got dizzy/lost consciousness after crossing the finish line…
  • John –> Coach Rio’s right hand man and brother-in-law. I got to meet him at the registration booth for the Mizuno run on June 29 🙂

I didn’t get to meet Marga though, maybe in the next races….

For my other goal, well, I wasn’t able to get it. I’ll be talking about it in more detail during my next post, but, for now, all I can say is that I got to finish the race with an unofficial time of 1:54:28 (way off my target time! 😦 ), for a distance of 20.7 km, giving me an average pace of 5:31min/km.


13 thoughts on “Meeting Goals: 8th DND-AFP half marathon

  1. Wow galing mo talaga, sub 2:00 hours. Baldrunner was right, it was a hard course. The uphills climbs were gradual but long. There’s a fun run in UP on the 22nd, sponsored by NKTI. I’ll get more info then will tell you about it when I get back.

  2. Loonyrunner, congratulations on the Half! I’ve read several posts from baldrunner, runmd and some responses on baldrunner’s post. All of you who participated did well despite the circumstances.

    Hopefully, you’re hydrated and are recovering.

    I’ve learned in my near 40 years of running to “expect the unexpected.” Today’s run here in the U.S. was unexpected.

    Have a good week ahead!

  3. hello!

    RunMD… thanks! Congrats in completing your 1st half! I agree, it was one of the toughest courses I’ve experienced so far. Is that run this coming June 22? Ok, will wait for the info, thanks a lot!

    SFrunner… thanks! It was a nice, yet difficult course. Yup, that’s my mindset in every race, to expect the unexpected… Makes me enjoy running more 🙂 Yeah, keeping myself hydrated and rested. Though will be having my recovery run tomorrow… have a good week too! 🙂

    marga… yup, hanapin kita sa mizuno 🙂

  4. Hey loonyrunner, two out of three is okay! If that was the first time you ran on the course, it’s a benchmark for future DND-AFP’s. From reading the posts, the atmosphere for running there is great. Keep on running!

    Thanks again for commenting on my blog. Short week this week!

  5. Hey a sub 2 hours for a half marathon aint bad. You did well and congratulations. I’m smelling a marathon up ahead soon. 🙂

  6. wayne… too bad the one goal I didn’t get to achieve is the one goal directly related to my actual running 🙂 Yeah! There’s a running boom here and I’m just so glad I’m right smack in the middle of it! 🙂

    bards… added to the excitement of the run 🙂 How was the punta fuego run?

    taki… thanks! Yup, hopefully I’ll be running my 1st before the year ends! 🙂

  7. hi joe. the entry fee for the NKTI race is 500 pesos, ang mahal! it’s for the benefit of HOPE (Human Organ Preservation Effort). i don’t know how many kilometers though. i’m guessing 5k. i’ll find out for sure on friday, i’m still out. i guess you better join the manila marathon mayor’s cup on the same day in luneta – 3K/5K/10K and 21K.

  8. while running sa fuego i was singing … “the hills are alive with a sound of music” hehehe after that race … “aint mo mountain high enough” na theme song ko. hope to see you sa Mizuno2 😛

  9. hi!

    runMD… ang mahal nga ng reg fee, pero for a good cause naman. Ano premyo? hehehe Yeah, might run sa Manila on Sunday. Another half 😀

    bards… that’s great to hear! I’m sure you’ll just breeze through the Mizuno course next Sunday! Yup, hope to see you there 😀

  10. hi joe. can i run the manila half-marathon this sunday (22nd) even if i only had a 10.4 k run this week (tuesday, 17th) which was my recovery run for the dnd half on the 15th? too ambitious? 😎

    i opted out of the nkti run and planned to join the manila run (10k sana) but found out that my running mates (and you too!) are running 21k again. nakakainggit. :mrgreen:

  11. runmd… why not? Though I’d suggest you run this Sunday at a slower pace than DND. Make it a long, recovery run… which is my plan 🙂 Saving my energy for Mizuno next week 😀

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