10 mile Training Run

Yesterday, I went on a 10 mile run along my usual route of Roxas Boulevard, CCP, Macapagal Ave, around SM Mall of Asia and back. I ran in a relaxed pace since I wanted to try some things out:

  1. I used a shirt with sleeves (Mizuno shirt) – as it turns out, I don’t like running with sleeves. I guess I’m not just used to them flapping around when I swing my arms as I run. I ended up tucking them inside the shirt…
  2. I ran with my upper body slightly leaning forward – I’m a heel striker and from what I’ve read, this position will help me become a mid-sole striker – which they say, is a more effective foot strike. So far, whenever I assume this position, it seems that I do tend to run faster with the same amount of exertion as compared to when I run with my body straight.

This run served as my recovery run after doing some interval running the other day. My total distance ran was 10.59 miles with a time of 1 hr 48 minutes, giving me an average pace of 10:12 min/mi (~6:20 min/km).


4 thoughts on “10 mile Training Run

  1. Hey loonyrunner. Sounds like a good week of workouts for you. Good luck to you and all of the runners this coming Sunday! From reading the posts, it sounds like a good run and event.

  2. thanks wayne! I’m sure it will be a good event 🙂 Good luck on your upcoming races too! Congratulations in advance for your upcoming 900th (WOW!) race! 🙂

  3. Hi Looney,

    Did you get to use your quads more by slightly leaning your upper body forward? I read the most you can do it to tilt your head but still maintaining an upright position. But then again this depends on the distance you want to cover. Leaning forward is more for sprinting but do what works man. : )


  4. hey mark… I didn’t feel my quads were being worked out more the last time I ran. Though maybe I wasn’t really sprinting kasi. Just trying out new stuff, finding out what might work… all for improving racing times! hehehe thanks 🙂

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