Recap: DocFit Run

Wow! I just checked Coach Rio’s site and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my official time was 47:28, with an average pace of 4:45! That’s 16 seconds better than my garmin time! I must have pressed the stop button late… Yipee!

Here’s my kilometer splits for the DocFit run, with a little recap of how I ran the race…

  1. 4:30 –> started out real fast, must have been due to the excitement. Though the slight downward slope of that part of the acad oval probably helped. I was a little bit nervous though that with this fast start, I might burn myself out too early.
  2. 4:39 –> the reality of not being able to maintain a pace of 4:30 the whole race hit me. Still, I was well under my target pace of 4:48 min/km and I was glad I didn’t feel I was overexerting myself.
  3. 4:40 –> this part of the race was quite fun. It coursed through Magsaysay, with its varied terrain of flat, inclines, downhills. I didn’t like it though when we then ran towards the Univ Ave, since my legs and feet were slightly jolted by the sudden shift of the course to concrete from the “softer” asphalt. This is one of weird things I realized because of running, that when you run long enough, your legs begin to notice the differences between running surfaces.
  4. 4:56 –> the most difficult part of the race. The incline towards the police station is a killer. It really slowed my pace down, and what made it more difficult is that after the steep incline, your greeted by still an inclined road, albeit at a lesser angle, that continues until the loop-around.
  5. 4:48 — after the exertion on the hill, I just didn’t have enough energy to speed it up a bit, even though Osmena was relatively flat. — 5 km split: 23:33 —
  6. 4:44
  7. 4:43
  8. 5:01 — the hill
  9. 4:57 — my second bout with the hill just drained me. I guess I need to do a lot more hill running to supplement my training. Especially since Mizuno 2 is just a month away!
  10. 4:51 — not much of a sprint šŸ˜¦ — 5 km split: 24:11 —

unofficial time: 47:44, average pace 4:47

official time: 47:28, average pace: 4:45

next races:

  • June 15 –> DND half marathon
  • June 29 –> Mizuno 2 (the run to infinity 2, with water — as announced by Coach Rio–> who I got to meet after the awarding ceremonies of DocFit šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Recap: DocFit Run

  1. Sabay tayo sa first lap on the hill ah, saw you there. I also realized I wouldn’t be able to keep the 4:30 pace I averaged on the first 2km.

    You did well, I saw you but just couldnt catch up. Ayaw ko na din sagarin and glad I didnt. We paddled for 1.5 hrs after on a windy, choppy Manila bay using the old bulldog dragonboat.

    On my last 4kms, I got to run side by side with this guy wearing shades and a runners cap. Kaala ko he was one of the trainers I always see around races and in Ultra. I overtook him in the last U turn. On the last 800 to 1000 meters, he overtook me and we just maintained distance with a pace of 4:21 min/km. I was arguing with myself that time if I should catch up with him and sprint to the finish or just let the placing be. Before finishing, I heard Rio announce the arrival of Raymart Santiago. Nyeh, dapat pala kanina pa ako nagpapicture. hehehe Had I decided to run at 3:30/km then I might have ruined the “grand” entrance. Pag dating ko wala naman announcement so ok na din di ako nauna. Magalit pa mga fans niya. ; ) He’s a strong runner, didnt expect triathletes to run as fast.

    But you ran faster than most of us that day, congrats! Magkano pala price money? Nakakuha ka ba ng Gardenia and coke zero?

  2. Yeah, bumped you pa nga dun because of the parking van… sorry about that… Wow! You sped up for the 2nd half of the race! Di ka kasi nag-warm up, baka namaintain mo sana yung 4:30 pace all through out. Hmmm… buti di ka napagkamalang Diether when you finished hehehe šŸ™‚ ummm, bulong ko na lang magkano yung prize pag nagkita tayo, basta it was a very nice compensation hehehe yup, got 2 loaves of gardenia, 1 each of powerade, pocari sweat in can, and sprite (di coke zero yung kasama nung set ko). Thanks once again!

  3. Wow loonyrunner, congratulations with a fast sub 50minute run. You did really well. Now your next target will be 46 minutes.. kaya mo yan. The 4:30min/km pace will soon be easier, its just a matter of time.

  4. thanks taki! yup, I’m hoping for gradual improvements lang. Ngayon ko lang narealize how difficult it is to jump from 4:40 to 4:30 min/km… madaming training pa kelangan! šŸ™‚

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