Missing the Pringles Run

It had been raining the past few days and a lot of people, me included, were concerned that the Pringles 3 mile run was not going to push through. Blogs, especially transition zero and the bull runner’s, informed runners that the organizers were optimistic that the run would push through. I was rather apprehensive though since as of last night, it was still raining! Still, I set my alarm at 3:30 am and slept early in preparation for the run.

When I woke up due to the continuous bleeping of my phone, I proceeded to do my usual pre-run activities… in spite of the sound of the howling winds outside. At around 4:30 am, I went outside to check on the weather… I felt a slight drizzle, and the sky was really cloudy. I had an inkling that a slight drizzle wouldn’t cancel the run, but I was beginning to second-thought whether I would go the Fort and still join the run. Was it worth the risk of getting sick by going there and running with the wet conditions? In the end, I decided it wasn’t. I didn’t want to hamper my training for my long-term goal of running in my first ever marathon, and my short term goal of having a PR run at the DocFit Run next Sunday. So I just unpacked my running kit, retreated to the warmth of my bed, and went back to sleep 🙂

By daybreak, as I woke up… though I wasn’t able to join Pringles, I decided to go for my tempo run today (got stuck running on the treadmill however, since there was still a light drizzle outside). I had to go do a tempo run today because of the following reasons:

  • I haven’t had one this week…
  • I had to burn off the one canister of Pringles chips I ate last night, since I was supposed to bring the empty canister today so I can get myself loot from the run (it was a prerequisite according to the organizers…. By the way, is it just me or have the Pringles cans shrunk? I seem to remember them being wider…)

For all those who joined the 3 runs scheduled for today, hope you all had a good one! Congratulations! 🙂

Tempo run today:

Distance: 10 km

Time: 50:30

Next race: DocFit Run @ UP Diliman on May 25, 2008 à I hope it doesn’t rain 🙂


15 thoughts on “Missing the Pringles Run

  1. if it was raining kanina we wouldnt have joined also. our plan b was a really really good breakfast. and i agree the cans shrunk and even the pringles tasted different.

  2. HI,

    I experienced running in the rain twice last week. One on Tuesday (20km, 2 hrs) and another when the typhoon was already here (25km, 2.5 hours) I finally got to use my NIKE ACG cap, its water proof/resistant. What’s important is to keep you head dry or warm.

    The major hassle is when you get your water proof headphones soaked by removing them. When the rain starts, just keep it on so water wont hamper the sound. Also, be prepared to wash and dry your shoes after. A simple fresh water rinse (3 to 5 mins running water) and “patuyo” using your trusty Standard electric fan did the job for me. You can also soak your shoes for an hour with a baking soda solution but I havent tried that. My sons’ yaya said “baka kumupas yung sapatos.” Now you know how yaya’s tale usually goes. But I followed here anyway.

    Advantages of running in the rain is the obviously cooler environment and the occasional free water coming inside your mouth to quench the thirst. : ) Oops, may acid rain na ba sa metro manila?

  3. Maybe if I were in your shoes I’d just sleep nalang like you did. But your 10K threadmill workout was really good and a tempo run of 50minutes for 10K aint slow.

  4. hi there!

    bannanarunning… glad the run pushed through and you didn’t have to resort to plan b 🙂 especially since you had such a nice run 🙂

    mark… thanks for the advice. Hmm.. might have to go shopping for some waterproof stuff :)uhmm, ain’t sure if its already acid rain, but I think its a little bit close to it (dumi ng hangin ng Maynila e!) by the way, those are some really long runs!

    taki… thanks 🙂 though may daya pag treadmill, airconditioned room so cooler environment, softer landing… but it was still a good run!

    thanks for the visits and comments! 🙂

  5. hey dude, i guess that you never came even close to making a place in a competition for your entire life until now that’s why you didn’t run. you’re born looser and always will be a looser. i guess your 10k run for 50minutes is kid’s stuff, try running 10km for 38 minutes, or even 5km for 18minutes, then you and your looser friends join actual competition. winners are always have perseverance in their mind set and you didn’t have it. you were defeated by just the rain after all.

    run 42km in 3hrs 10minutes dude.

  6. Well I just enrolled myself to a gym and tried their treadmill, and guess what, it was kinda hard. I ran for 30 minutes and it felt like running a half marathon (this is kinda exagerated but 1 minute seems too long). Just wondering how you can manage not getting bored on a treadmill? Unfortunately for me the TV in front does not help a bit.

  7. hey there!

    taki… yup, running on a treadmill feels longer than it actually is, its just way too boring! But like you said, it is still an option when you can’t run outside…

    JEMM… hey thanks for the motivational speech 🙂 yup, I admit, I still can’t run that fast but it is part of my goals to be able to. For now, I just want to be able to run and finish a marathon… once that’s done… my next goal would be to further improve myself, with my ultimate goal to run a sub 3 hour marathon! Keep on checking my site to see if I do improve… By the way, you’re right, I am loose! kinda relaxed actually 🙂

  8. If you can run outside, do so. Running on a treadmill is definitely the last resort or you’re just there on a session to improve your pose. Also the reason the treadmill feels “easier” on the body is because the ground is actually being pulled underneath your feet (meaning, your feet are not pulling your body forward, as they would if you were running outside). There are no other factors such as wind resistance, various elevations and uneven terrain.

    Iba talaga wind resistance. The faster you go, the harder it is for you to maintain the target pace. My run last friday was in the rain with the wind of the tropical storm. Ibang klase, parang kang uphill kahit flat na iyong takbo. Going against the wind is actually a good alternative. Well, wala naman training na madali kaya nga training. hehehe

    You cannot get that from the treadmill though. May kapalit naman na TV, aircon, being wet from just your sweat and a chance to run beside somebody interesting. 😉

    Here’s a list of Rain Gear I currently suggest:
    1. Water resistant wrap around headphones – Sennheiser PMX 70 They’re always out of stock, try Villman. Call first before going para sure. After every run, wash the headset to remove the sweat.
    2. Ipod shuffle 2nd gen – I had mine very wet from the rain. I kept it pinned on my shorts, under the hem of my shirt. Hmmm, its still working. I read other runners experiencing the same. Just let it dry after and dont use it till then.
    3. Nike ACG cap – Keeps you warm and almost dry when you need it while running. It also shields your eyes from the rain drops that can go down fast and hurt after a while. Kaya almost dry kasi yung air hole vents napapasukan ng water. Ok lang, basa ka na rin naman.

    What’s still missing

    1. Shoes for the rain – I dont want to get my Asics ds trainer wet all the time. But it gets wet by sweat anyway. I still dont know if I will invest in a pair that is water resistant.
    2. I dont want to wear a plastic bag but that will have the same feeling as running with rain gear on aka kapote.

  9. hi mark, that’s a lot of info, thanks! yup, totally agree, nothing beats running in the great outdoors 🙂
    > hmmm, the problem with running with a kapote or a plastic bag is that it doesn’t allow your sweat to really evaporate, so it doesn’t help cool your body down. The heat generated by running thus gets trapped, making the area under the kapote feel like a sauna. This makes it dangerous for people with heart problems, and increases the risk of developing heat related adverse events (like heat stroke).
    > I’m sure your suggestions will be helpful to many runners, thanks once again!

  10. hello there! haha naka-link na pala ako dito. i think i saw you at doc fit, hope to see you at the dnd run! 🙂

  11. yup! Got some links from TBR… hope you don’t mind 🙂 Yeah, saw you sa DocFit, saw pics too! yeah, see you sa DND run 🙂 thanks for the comment and the visit!

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