In Awe of the Elites

The weather has really been bad the past few days. Its been raining almost every afternoon! So yesterday, instead of having my easy run outside, and even though I know it would bore me to death… I had to content myself running indoors using the gym treadmill.

My plan was to run 10km in an hour so I set the machine at a pace of 6min/km. I also set it to automatically vary the incline after 10 minutes or so (might as well maximize the tread by doing some “hill” training). After about 15 minutes, I increased the pace to 5:30min/km just to keep me interested. When I reached 8.5 km, I decided to further increase the pace to 5 min/km, where my plan was to try and simulate the sprint at the end of a race. So at 9.5 km, just for the heck of it, I increased the pace to 4 min/km! With much difficulty, I was able to run and complete the 500 meters at this pace. I felt my calves and other leg muscles burn, my breathing rate increased, and my perspiration just gush out. It was my all-out pace which really left me winded after. (I was really huffing and puffing after…)

After my run, I thought of how the 4 min/km pace was so tough on me that I could only maintain it for 500 meters. It then dawned on me that our elites run at a much faster pace, for much longer distances. And to top it all off, they make it look so easy! That’s why I’m in such awe of these runners… they simply are amazing! 🙂


5 thoughts on “In Awe of the Elites

  1. Yes, Sabal and Buenavista would do 3mins/K for the 10K and finish in 30mins. The world record pace for the full marathon I think is around 2:58mins/K. I can’t even sustain 5mins/K beyond 8K ha ha

  2. That’s amazing! I heard he’s trying to lower the mark to 2:03.. though some are saying he might not ever. To think that he just has to run 2 sec/mile faster… just shows how important even a second is…

    thanks miraclecello and taki for the visit!

  3. Hehe… I wouldn’t even be so surprise if he gets a sub 2 hour record. That would awefully be a hard World Record to beat.

  4. If anyone runs a sub 2 hour marathon, that may be almost impossible to beat! Thanks for the visits!

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