Picture Taking with PR and BR

Here’s a picture taken during the start of the Champion Run at Marikina last May 11, 2008. (Photo courtesy of BaldRunner’s blog)

(Passion Runner, Bald Runner, Loony Runner)


7 thoughts on “Picture Taking with PR and BR

  1. Hi Looneyrunner,

    Nice to see you in person last sunday at champion run along the river at the back of the stage. I read your discussions with runMD and BR re Garmin. I have been browsing for comparison between GF 205 & 305 and havent read any major difference. I just want to inquire from you since you have 205, baka you have other information about 305 which i missed. im sure you also made some research on the 305. Is there any big difference? The 205 is lot cheaper than the 305. Already contacted your source and price right now is Php12k. I am planning to purchase online and have it delivered to my brother’s house in Jersey. Thanks

  2. Hi JunC… sayang we weren’t introduced. Maybe in the next races…. Anyways, there isn’t a lot of difference b/w the 205 and 305. They actually share the same users manual, so function-wise, they’re practically the same. The only difference though (and explains the price difference) is that the 305 has a transmitter/receiver which can be used to gather information from the heart rate monitor strap that is bundled with the 305. You can also use the 305 indoors when paired with a foot pod (optional). So if you want data regarding your heart rate while running, then the 305 is the better choice.
    > For me, i chose the 205 because: 1) it’s a whole lot cheaper than the 305; 2) I didn’t need the HRM (I reasoned that I can always count my pulse manually if I wanted to monitor it); and 3) it already provided all the information I needed during runs (pace, distance, time).
    > I’ve inquired from my source also and they told me that the price increase was due to the increase in taxes imposed by customs. I was able to order my 205 last Feb for only 10,200p. The 305 was being sold at 14K only. So I suggest you order it through your brother na lang kasi it will definitely come out cheaper.
    > hope this helps! thanks for the visit… see you in the upcoming races!

  3. Thanks Looneyrunner for you advise. Thats what i thought too. i will not be using the HRM and optional foot pod naman. I think will settle for the 205. Thanks again and hope to meet in the coming race.

  4. you’re welcome 🙂 glad to have helped… I’m sure you’ll enjoy running more once you have a garmin 🙂 yup, see you at the upcoming races!

  5. link to the site comparing all 3 garmins: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?compareProduct=348&compareProduct=349&compareProduct=11039&compare=compare

    what about the number of calories burned? I think that feature comes with HRM (305 and 405) because that’s where calories burned are computed from, right? like loonyrunner, i also got into runnning for health reasons (hypertension). i’ve been gymming for 8 years with weight losses and gains because of lack of dedication until i measured my BP one time at 140/90 coupled with a family history of hypertension! since then, i increased my workout frequency, regularized my PT sessions, and started running. my cardio of choice was cosmic cycling because i find running on the treadmill BORING but with the help of my mp3 player, i got hooked to running. i just started joining road races last january during the ictus run.

    i digress. back to the garmins. i think i’ll just buy the 205 too. it’s a lot cheaper. i have a nike C6 triax watch that measures HR already, baka magtampo pag di ko ginamit. i will just use the 205 for outdoor runs. if i want to measure my HR and distance/pace at the same time, i’ll wear them both!

  6. Hey, did you happen to measure the whole course of the Champion run? What was the exact total distance you got? My Suunto measured 11.28KM.

  7. hey there!

    runMD… kindred spirits pala tayo. Same storyline and reasons for taking up running. With regards to the calorie counter, the 205 can also do that. According to some reports, for a 60 kg man, the calories burned is relatively constant at 100 calories per mile traveled, regardless of the speed. A higher speed (hence a higher HR) may increase calorie burning but the degree of increase is negligible. Hey, once you have your 205, compare its calorie counter with that of the nike triax… to see if they measure the same amount of calories burned for a certain workout 🙂 I agree, if you have a HRM already, the 205 will already provide you with all the information you need that the triax can’t… as BR would say… welcome to the “GF club!” 🙂

    taki… my GF 205 measured the distance to be 10.94 km. Though I only pressed the start button when I was under the start/finish banner, not when the horn sounded since I was at the back of the pack when the race started 🙂

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