Speed Workout or Long Run?

After thinking about it, I decided to have my long run today instead of a speed workout. I usually schedule my long runs on Sundays, but, I chose to run it today due to the following reasons:

  • I had a too heavy lunch of Yellow Cab pizza… I think I had about 4 large slices. I ate that much because 1) I was hungry… 2) I LOVE pizza!… 3) it was free… and 4) did I already say I LOVE pizza! Hehehe J I decided to run long today since I wanted a workout that would deplete my glycogen stores so that once all the pizza I’ve eaten is digested, it will be used to replenish them… rather than get converted to fat.
  • the Marikina Run this Sunday… since there would be this run this Sunday, I thought that instead of having my long run here, I’d just have my speed workout! I’ll try to run the 1st 5km at tempo pace, then do interval training for the next 5. I’d still be racing, and doing some speed training too.

My plan for today was to run 18miles (28.8 km). The route I planned would have me run through Roxas Blvd to MOA, then do some loops around Seaside Blvd (the ANIMO route loop –> measures 5km/loop according to my GF 205), then run back through Roxas Blvd. However, due to the dark clouds hovering above me… I had to cut my run short and end it at 13.43 mi (21.49 km), which was 4.57 mi (7.3 km) shorter than planned. It was a good thing though that I didn’t force myself to complete the 18 miles, since it began to rain just as I was entering my building… and it wasn’t just a little fall of rain… it was a torrential downpour! Though I would’ve wanted to complete the 18 miles, wouldn’t have risked running under the rain just to get sick, and possibly lose more running days. I guess I’ll just have to make it up in the coming weeks…

By the way, despite my heavy lunch, still hit the wall at approximately 12 mi (which was the same as my last long run). Though this may have happened since I kind of picked up the pace near the end of my run, because I was rushing home to beat the rain. I sure hope I get to push that wall back further in the coming weeks.

My time was 2:10:03, with an average pace of 9:41 min/mi.


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