What I Learned During Runnex@25

Some of the things I learned during Runnex@25:

  • its difficult to race when you’ve just arrived after a 5 hour trip, cramped inside a bus… yep, ran Runnex after arriving from Baguio. I arrived in Manila at 4 am, put on my kit, packed my stuff and commuted all the way to Diliman. My knees felt a bit stiff after arriving since I was in a sitting position for 5 hours, add to that the bus was quite cold because of the airconditioning system. I was only able to “loosen” my knees by doing a slow warm-up jog from Philcoa to the starting area…
  • it takes my body 25-30 minutes of continuous activity (be it running/jogging/walking) before I can enjoy running… I realized this the first time during the OYM run where I did a 30 minute wam-up jog prior to the actual race, which I enjoyed from start to finish, even if I was running at a blistering pace (for me). For Runnex, though I did a warm-up jog, it was only for 15 minutes, and my big mistake was I entered the starting line a good 15 minutes before the start. So my body just cooled down to baseline as if I didn’t do any warm-ups. So what happened was though I was able to maintain a good pace during the start of the race, I didn’t feel comfortable at all… I was hoping the race would already end so I can stop running and just go home. However, after about 25 minutes (around the 5 km mark), I began to enjoy the race. I was still maintaining my pace, but my body felt lighter, and my brain was no longer complaining. What could explain this? I don’t know, one theory I’ve read is that during this time, the body begins to utilize its glycogen stores, shifting from just plain blood glucose, thus making running less of an effort. So for my future runs, I’ll be making sure I arrive early enough for my 25-minute warm-up, and that I’ll only check-in the starting line a couple of minutes before the start of the race.
  • i need to eat breakfast before a race!… I’ve read that for shorter distance races, you don’t realy need to eat breakfast since all the energy you need for that run is already stored in your body. And the sole purpose of eating is that so you won’t feel hungry during the race… well, I was hungry during the race! Since I arrived in a rush, all I took in for breakfast was an Alaska choco-milk drink. Sure it provided some calories for energy… but it just wasn’t filling. So for the next races, I have to wake up a little earlier so I can have a light breakfast so that I won’t feel hungry during the race.
  • familiarity of the course helps… Since I’ve been having some of my runs at Diliman, you could say I know some of its routes already. And this helped since while running, I’d know where the next uphill would be, or how tough the next segment would be. By knowing these, I was able to monitor my pace… when to slow down, when to speed it up little, knowing that the next segment is already flat. Hopefully I’ll be able to “scout” future routes before running them in actual races — this maybe easier to do now since the top destinations for races are quite limited.. the Fort, UP Diliman, MOA, and Roxas Blvd —

Hopefully, with what I’ve learned during this race, I’ll be able to continue improving my running. My target PR 10 km race for now is the DocFit run on May 25 at UP Diliman (same route as Runnex). My goal is to run it in less than 48 minutes… see you all in Marikina on May 11!


7 thoughts on “What I Learned During Runnex@25

  1. Hehehe I know how you feel … i have diesel legs. Around 3kms before it can run smoothly. on breakfast, I know sports gels like GU and Power Gel wont replace breakfast but this is something I have added when I race. The sugar gives you an extra push.

  2. hmmm… haven’t tried those yet. Will have to try them one of these days. How do they taste like? Thanks for the suggestion… hope to be meeting you in future races/runs πŸ™‚

  3. @ banana: where do you put them when you run? Do you use a fuel belt?

    @ loony: Great post. Good to hear about your race. Good luck on your next one!

  4. gooey and uber sweet. i usually need to drink water after. pero they have lots of flavors naman. i get it from the bikeshop near ROX at BHS. good luck this sunday. Pringles na next race namin, hope to see you there.

  5. A lot like eating flavoured glue ha ha. But it works best at what we do because you only have to swallow it, not chew. I carried three plus a Powerbar at the Save the Pasig, but they were not nearly enough.

    Make sure you have a support group when you two run your first marathon, one in a bike to carry and manage your drinks/gels/bananas/painkillers, and at least one other in a car, or somebody on foot in a pre-arranged stationary position, to carry the heavier stuff like maybe an extra pair of shoes, etc.

  6. ray… I think she has one. You can visit her blog at bananarunning.wordpress.com πŸ™‚ good luck on your running too!

    bananarunning… hmmm, that might be a problem. I have a slight aversion to anything that’s too sweet… though, I’ll probably still try it πŸ™‚ yeah, I’ll be in Pringles too! Don’t forget to bring an empty canister so they’ll replace it with a full one hehehe see you there! πŸ™‚

    miraclecello… glue? Yech! hehehe hmmm haven’t thought about that yet… thanks for the recommendation! I’ll keep that in mind πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the visits and the comments πŸ™‚

  7. opps delayed reaction. ey Ray … yes I use a fuelbelt so I thats where I normally put it. not sure if your the shortshorts type or cycling shorts runner but the mizuno running tights i use has a front and back pocket.

    miraclecello … hay dont we all wish we can have a support group. our problem is we can make our non-running friend wake up early enough. πŸ™‚

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