Runnex@25 splits

Here’s my kilometer splits from Runnex last Sunday…

  1. 4:49
  2. 4:48
  3. 4:35
  4. 5:08
  5. 5:04               5 km split: 24:33
  6. 4:57
  7. 4:52
  8. 5:18
  9. 5:01
  10. 3:43              4.82 km split: 23:51        Total: 48:24 (based on my GF)    Ave pace: 4:55min/km

My unofficial time was 4 sec less than my official time since I only start my GF when I pass under the start line… not when the horn sounds… Anyways, in general, I ran the first 5 km a bit faster than the next 5. I was only able to decrease my time by sprinting about 800 meters in the end.

For me to be able to attain my goal PR for DocFit, I’ll have to run at an average pace of 4:48min/km. Kaya, kelangan seryosohin and speed at tempo runs 🙂 keep on running!


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