Not quite ICTUS: Runnex@25 run

I ran the Runnex@25 10 km run last Sunday and I definitely could say it was one great run. Kudos to the organizers for a well orchestrated run. It started on time, there were enough marshals and there were a lot of drink stations (that had a lot of water and sport drinks). Also, the route for the run was adequate such that it provided enough variety for the runners.

When I saw the route map for the Runnex run, I had thought that it was the same route used for the ICTUS run. As it turns out, there were some slight differences (the distance for this run registered 9.82 km based on my GF 205). One difference was that instead of immediately turning left towards Quirino (the street in the back of Palma Hall) – which was done in the ICTUS run – the 10 km runners turned right, running a short distance until the turn around point, before going back and entering Quirino. Another difference I noted was that instead of turning left in the street between Palma Hall and the College of Education (ICTUS), runners went beyond the College of Education before turning left to re-enter the academic oval. These changes, and probably some others probably contributed to this becoming a shorter route as compared to ICTUS.

This was a relatively good run for me, time-wise. My official time was 48:24.

Tomorrow, I’ll post stuff I learned from this race… keep on running!


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