16 miles at UP Diliman

As scheduled, I did my long run at UP Diliman last Sunday. Ran (walked at times) 16 miles –> which is the farthest distance I’ve ever traveled on foot! It took me around 2 hours and 50 minutes at an average pace of 10min/mi.

I started out running comfortably at a 9-9:30min/mi pace, maintaining it until I reached 13 miles… when I suddenly “hit the wall!” My legs just felt so heavy and tired at this point… however, I was still able to continue running, albeit at a slower pace of 10-12min/mi with occasional walking breaks. How much slower was I then? Well, I was able to run my first 13 miles at around 2 hours, my next 3… almost an hour! Still, it’s an improvement when compared to my previous long runs. When I ran 12 miles, I hit the wall at 10 miles, last week when I ran 14 miles, I hit it at the 12 mile mark… so hopefully, with further training… I’ll be able to push that wall farther!

Using my Garmin, I measured the ICTUS and GIG routes used last Jan and Feb, respectively. And, the runners were correct… the ICTUS was quite long measuring 12 km, while the GIG was definitely short at just a little over 9.1km (kaya pala ako nag PR nun hehehe 🙂

I saw the Runnex Running Club (complete with singlets and race bibs) do what I assumed was a trial run of the Runnex run next Sunday. Nakasalubong ko nga din pala si Passion Runner sa acad oval…

This week will be my recovery week after pushing myself hard this past 4 weeks. Will just be having easy runs of 10 km for Tue and Thurs… which in a way is good since it will allow me to rest and recover in preparation for Runnex on Sunday. See you all on Sunday! Keep on Running!


5 thoughts on “16 miles at UP Diliman

  1. yup, got my garmin 205 nung feb. it cost me around 10K. the 305 was around 15K then. i ordered it from the local distributor… you can contact them through marnavcopi@yahoo.com.

    yeah, tough 16 miles… nagawa ko na lang yun after 1 1/2 years of running! kaya wag magmadali 🙂

  2. I’m doing 10km tomorrow… ayoko muna umakyat ng next level. Stay muna ako sa 10k. I’ll move on when I hit 25-27 yrs old… Hehe

    Dun muna ako sa pambata. Some say that when you’re younger, you have more speed. When you get older, you have more endurance? I’m not sure though if there’s any truth to the statement 🙂

  3. Hi, found your site through the Bald Runner’s list. Interesting thing about your ICTUS course measurement. I clocked 1:02:08 in that race and after some Garmin owners put the distance at 10.9K, I calculated a pro-rata 10K time of about 56mins and used that to download a Smart Coach training programme. Now it turns out I may have used the wrong input!! If that course was indeed 12K I would have gone under 52mins the first 10K, I think.

    Anyway thanks for the info. Good luck on your first marathon. You are much faster than I am so you should do well.

  4. Passion Runner… that made me feel old hehehe hmmm…haven’t heard of that though, will try to do some research 🙂

    miraclecello… hey thanks for visiting my site! Yeah, was surprised the course was that long pala. I think my system was jolted during that run because I wasn’t used to running that far then. I’m trying to work on both endurance and speed right now… hopefully the training works out well. Good luck on your training too… Keep on running!

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