marathon training

I’m on my 4th week of my 16 week marathon training program (downloaded from runner’s world’s smart coach). My plan is to be able to join the Milo Marathon elimination on August 3…

My usual weekly sked is as follows

Mon –> rest day

Tue –> easy run of  6-7 miles at 9-9:30 min/mi pace

Wed –> weight training (chest, back and shoulders)

Thu –> tempo (3 miles at 8 min/mi pace) or speed run (3 1 mile intervals at 7min/mi pace)

Fri –> weight training (abs and arms)

Sat –> rest day

Sun –> long run at 9min/mi pace (started at 10 mi, increasing every week by 2 mi) with occasional tempo runs at 8-8:30 min/mi pace when I join a race

 So far my body has been taking the training quite well, my runs have left me tired, but not overly exhausted. I’ve also been following the rest schedules to allow my body to recover after each training run… even if I’m tempted to run everyday… no sense overtraining and burning myself out.

This Sunday, I’ll be doing my long run of 16 miles in UP Diliman… which I think is the best place in the metro to do just that. Diliman has fresh air (with all those trees –> in addition giving lots of shade), mixed terrain of flats, uphills and downhills, asphalt roads, company (since alot of people run there on Sundays), and best of all… it has all that great food (taho, “dirty” ice cream, mixed fried balls, etc… 🙂 to provide all the needed nutrients after a run. Also, there’s water given free of charge care of the Runnex club around the academic oval! (Many thanks to you guys 🙂

I’ll be running the various routes of previous races that were held there (ICTUS, GIG)… since I didn’t have a garmin then, I’m not really sure whether the complaints regarding their distances are true. (The ICTUS was said to be too long, while the GIG a bit short)… keep on running!


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