where were the celebrities?

I decided to run the draw the line race hoping to see some GMA celebrities, either running the course or as eye candy during the awarding ceremonies. However, I was disappointed there weren’t any around (except I guess for paulo, the host, and his wife suzie)…

Despite that complaint, the draw the line run turned out to be one of my best runs so far. During the race, I felt good and fit, maintaining a fast pace (for me) all through out. I ran less than 5min/km splits from start to finish, and felt comfortable doing it. It seems some things I did for this run worked out nicely for me so I’ll give a run down on how I prepared for this race…

  • my speed/tempo trainings are beginning to bear fruit… doing one of these every week has made my body adjust to the rigors of running fast (i may have felt comfortable running last Sunday, but during training days… I feel like a wreck!)
  • i slept a good 5 hours!
  • had a heavy breakfast of harder to digest food (2 slices of pizza) upon waking at 3 am then had a brick of nestle chocolait (contains easier to digest sugars) before leaving the house at around 4 am – these provided me enough energy which sustained me during the race
  • since I was supposed to run 12 miles (~19.2km) for my long run today, i arrived early at the fort and did a 4.5km warm up run (pace 10min/mile) – I never did a warm up run before prior to a race before – which allowed my body to get loose, and because of the slow pace, I didn’t over exert myself expending valuable energy
  • at the start of the race, I withheld myself from all the excitement as I didn’t want to burn myself out. A lot of people were really zooming at the start, to think I was already running at a 4:45min/km pace – which surprised me since I don’t really run this fast, but since I felt comfortable, I decided to maintain this pace
  • used my new shoes – I’ve finally retired my old fila shoes (I’ll be posting a separate post about them) from racing. It was the first time I used my new shoes in a race (I’ve been using them for training the past few days), an adidas brand (I don’t know what model, all I know is that it’s probably an old one since I bought it really cheap in Baguio). They felt great during the race and provided me with more support making my run more comfortable
  • I brought my own water bottle, since I didn’t want to slow down at the water stations – though they offered bottled water which you can just pick up while still running (like a baton during relays). The bottle I used was a refilled propel plastic bottle, which I carry by slipping it in my back with my shorts keeping it in place (I got this from baldrunner when I saw him do this at the DND half marathon). I use propel since it has a nice shape following the groove of my back so it doesn’t bounce much when I run
  • I was able to drink while running! – When I started running, I tried drinking while running, and ended up almost killing myself! I almost drowned myself as the water kept on choking me! However, I’ve been practicing doing this during every training run since I realized I was losing a lot of time stopping just so I can have drink. The tactic I use (which I got from runner’s world) is to put the spout at the side of my lips, allowing me to have controlled sips
  • I used a sun visor – after the mizuno run (where I developed a mild sunburn on my face), I decided to wear one to help protect my face and eyes from the sun. An additional benefit it provided was that it soaked up some of my sweat decreasing the amount that would’ve flowed into my face, so I didn’t have to keep on wiping sweat from my eyes and face
  • I only quickened my pace a bit at the 6km mark – though I couldn’t really run a whole lot faster since most of the uphills were after this mark… the good thing is I didn’t slow down though

My unofficial time was at 45:25, though I only remembered to turn off my watch after receiving my loot bag… still, it was a new PR for me for an almost 10km run (my garmin measured it to be 9.3km) – my previous PR for this distance was at the GIG run where I ran in 49 mins.

After lounging around the finish area (doing a little shopping for shorts, looking for other free stuff), and still not seeing any celebrities, I decided to just run off and to complete my required mileage for the day. Ran through Mckinley Road, then EDSA (which lucky for me wasn’t filled with cars or buses since it was a Sunday morning) until the Magallanes station where I boarded the MRT on my way back to Manila. – I did my stretching at the Taft station 🙂

All in all, the race was well organized, the route was ok, not overly challenging, but not too easy, and there was enough water for all the racers. I just wish races would start earlier though… and that distances be measured accurately… ok lang na sumobra, wag lang sanang kulang… kakabitin kasi e 🙂


2 thoughts on “where were the celebrities?

  1. wow! congratulations on your PR. I saw Ivan Mayrina … who?! hehehe he’s a reporter. but that’s about it. baka you were too fast. i would suggest you try and find na rin a fuel belt specially for the longer runs. we usually mix up and have a sports drink in one container and water on the other.

  2. thanks! I’ve heard of his name, pero I don’t think I’d recognize him 🙂 Actually, I already have one, I was able to buy a New Balance fuel belt months ago (syempre on sale, I got it for 700p only – original price was 1700!) I do use it for my long runs, but for races, I prefer to use something I can throw away after… sayang di ka nakitakbo… keep on running!

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