Me… a running coach?

It finally happened…

Last Saturday, months after I first asked…  my girlfriend and I went on our first road run together! A few months ago, when I was very new in the sport (and didn’t know anything about how to properly start running), my girlfriend and I ran side by side using treadmills. After about 15-20 minutes of running, she just stopped and complained that she got too tired. A day after, her whole body was in pain… hence, her running career halted to a complete stop…

Fast forward to the present, after a few months of listening to my running stories… the benefits I’ve noted by running (of which I think what most appealed to her is that I’ve managed to remain thin all this time :))… she finally asked if she too can start running… of course I said yes! However, since I’m a bit knowledgeable now, I formulated a plan for her to ease into running by following a walk/jog plan (which I adapted from runner’s world). I didn’t want a repeat of the last time where we started out too fast causing an early burn out.

Our plan was for us to have 1 minute jogs in between 1-2 minutes of walking for a total of 30 minutes. We’ll be doing this every Saturday (due to work constraints) until she can jog 30 minutes straight. So how did she feel after our session? She felt great! She was so excited to be able to jog a bit that she’s told me she’s looking forward to the next Saturday when we can go jogging again! Hope that enthusiasm is maintained… keep on running!


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