treadmill run

i wasn’t supposed to run yesterday… since i did a tempo run the day before… but i did…

yesterday was supposed to be a cross-training day for me so i decided to go for a swim. I did go the pool, did some perfunctory laps (I don’t really like to swim… I guess that’s because I’m not good at it :), then decided to just pack it up and go rest. However, on my way to the changing area, I got to peek inside the building gym…. and that’s when I saw them… 2 brand new treadmills! And they were nice looking treads! They were relatively high-end, with controls for inclines, speeds and with a lot of preset workout programs.

Its been awhile since I’ve ran in a treadmill since I find them boring after running for sometime, but since these duds were new… I just had to try them. So I immediately changed, went home, changed into my running attire and went to the gym.

Of course I was only planning to do a light, short distance run but  since I was having fun running and twiddling with the controls, I ended up running a total of 10km… after my run, I was exhausted but very elated!  With these new treadmills… wouldn’t mind doing some of my tempo/speed runs using these machines… keep on running!


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