baguio running part 2

After resting a bit, I proceeded up towards Mines View, which was cramped with alot of tourists!
mines view

souvenier shops at mines view

Finally, after all that uphill running…. the descent to Wright Park begins…

what goes up…. must come down…

It was already around 9am and though the sun was shining brightly… it was still a pleasure running due to all the shade brought about by the hills and pine trees of Baguio… and a nice cool breeze was also a nice reward for maintaining a non-walking pace…

Wright Park

I then ran through Ilusorio drive towards the Baguio Country Club…

ilusorio drive

the greens of the BCC

the Baguio Country Club

And just beside the country club was the entrance to Club (formerly Camp) John Hay…

John Hay entrance

……………. to be continued ………………….


2 thoughts on “baguio running part 2

  1. i would like to officially say … nakakaingit. the last time we went to baguio i planned my run din. however, prophetic yata my Maroon 5 warm-up song na Sunday Morning because it started raining.

    about the knife wielding … we actually had a friend who went horseback riding in baguio and encountered a knife wielding loony. hmmm…

  2. hope nothing bad happened to your friend… my mom used to tell us stories how safe baguio was during their time. there weren’t alot of people then, so everybody knew everybody…

    see you all the mizuno run tomorrow!

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