baguio running part 1

I finally ran Baguio yesterday… ok, I’ll admit I did walk a few…. errr… some parts of it. Some of my walks were due to exhaustion (uphill and thin air just don’t really mix!) and some were just to enjoy the beautiful sights around me πŸ™‚

I generally followed the route I designed Friday night with just a few modifications (more on that later). I woke up at around 6am (though my original plan was to wake up at 5, but since it was a bit cool… I stayed in bed a little bit longer πŸ™‚ I had a quick breakfast of a slice of buttered toast, prepped my stuff (hydration belt, arm wallet, shoe wallet, garmin, cellphone with camera <ericsson K320 with VGA camera, hence the less than premium quality of my picutures πŸ™‚ >… running can sometimes be so complex… then proceeded out the door. I commuted to the top of Session Road, did a warm up walk towards the entrance of South Drive, did some stretching… and finally, began my ran at around 8am.

entrance to south drive

The sun was already up when I started running but instead of being a negative thing, I actually was glad that the sun was shining. Baguio City is one of the few places in the Philippines where you actually wait for the sun to rise before you start running, since its just too cold sometimes.

south drive

I initially ran with a pace of 6 minutes/km… a pace I know I can maintain without much difficulty in the lowlands of Manila… but in Baguio, it was way too difficult! So I slowed down to around 6:15-6:45 min/km and was able to maintain it (even during the uphills) for the most part. South drive was a nice stretch since the first part was just flat becoming downhill so it wasn’t too much of a challenge… little did I know that this was the easiest part of my route…

At the end of South drive, I turned left, then right towards Outlook Drive…. which as the pictures would show… is mostly uphill…

outlook drive
still going up outlook drive

From Outlook Drive, I ran towards the road leading to Mines View Park… which was still uphill!

to mines view park

And since it was all uphill and the views were magnificent…

break time

I had my first stop/walk to enjoy the scenery πŸ™‚

…….. to be continued………


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