Saturday run

I am running tomorrow! I stayed at home these past two days and I haven’t felt any ill effects of the flu I thought I was gonna have. It seems my body has kicked that flu bug’s butt! Hence, I’ve decided to run tomorrow!

I’ve already planned my route…. start at the top of Session Road, run towards South Drive, then to Outlook Drive, up to Mines View Park, go downhill to Pacdal circle, then proceed to the Country Club, run through gate 2 of John Hay and exit through gate 3, then finish by reaching Forrest House (where I plan to eat my breakfast) through Loakan Road.

I estimate it to be around 15 kms so it will be good training for the upcoming Mizuno run. Let’s just see how my body will react to the cold temperature, thinner air, and the hilly terrain. The last time I ran here, I was already huffing and puffing after less than a kilometer of relaxed running! So hopefully, my body will react a whole lot better tomorrow… keep on running!


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