Running Form

One of the benefits of having someone photograph you during runs (aside from having cool pics to post in your blog…) is that you get to see how your running form is. For instance, during the last DND half marathon, I was in luck when the bald runner’s support team snapped a shot while I was running beside him (and much better luck since bald runner posted it in his blog..).

From the picture, you could see the difference in our running forms… the bald runner has his back straight making his form look much better than mine. Through this pic, I got to find out that I run with a “slouch” where I tend to flex my body forward when I run.

During my last run, I consciously tried to maintain a better running form by keeping my back straight, giving me some slight discomfort resulting in a slower time. Though its a little tough re-creating my form, i know its something I have to do and that it will make me a better runner (and better looking in pics too!)

Btw, all the running pics that I have (all 2 of them), are c/o other runners. (My header pic is from the gig run at UP downloaded from run rio, my other pic is from the bald runner…)


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