DND-AFP half marathon run

I joined the DND half marathon last March 9 and it was a blast! I finished with an unofficial time of ~1hr and 50mins. It was my first half marathon and this was the farthest distance I’ve officially run since I started running a year ago. I was able to maintain a pace of ~ 4:45-5min/km during the first 10 kilometers of the race. From km 10-13, I slowed down to 5:30min… it was at this point (around the area of Serendra) that I saw the baldrunner. I was actually beginning to really get tired and was planning to just walk for a few minutes, but when I saw the baldrunner, i decided to keep pace with him (~5min/km). I was planning to keep pace with him until the end of the race, however, I was hampered by a cramp in my right leg at around the km 17 mark. I just felt my toes suddenly curl, with an accompanying sharp pain in my gastrocs. I had to stop, do some stretchings, sip a drink, and do some hyperventilation before I could continue to run. I tried to catch up with the baldrunner as I was able to increase my pace to ~4:30min/km, but near the end, I just couldn’t catch up as I ran out of steam… still, despite this setback, it was a great opportunity to have run with the baldrunner during the race.

with the baldrunner @ serendra (pic c/o the baldrunner)

All in all, the race was a very organized race with a well planned route… it was also amusing that there were bands in certain points of the race. Hope for more races such as this in the future….


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